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  • Encourage all children to try everything as everyone has a wide range of abilities.


  • Boys and girls are distinctly different in the way their brains develop so they will learn differently. Be patient! Give them real reasons to try.


  • Try not to suppress noisy boisterous play-research demonstrates that rough and tumble play in boys is more likely to help them do well in school.


  • Encourage boys and girls to dress up and care for toy furry animals and dolls-encourage strong caring images and comment when kindness and care are shown to others.


  • Encourage children to experiment, have a go, make their own choices about the play they wish to be involved in as this increases their self-confidence, motive and esteem.


  • Encourage talk about interests via non-fiction and adventure books and comics, which often work well as a stimulus.


  • Provide right brain activities to encourage boys in to reading, writing and arithmetic skills via actions, colour, pictures and patterns.


  • Avoid stereotyping and encourage boys and girls to join in a range of sports, dance and movement.


  • Encourage discussion about alternative ways of playing if things are happening which you disapprove of.


  • Remember it is adults who are responsible for what children watch on television and DVD’s!


  • Make speaking and listening a priority for ALL children and be excited about what they say.


  • Listen carefully to children before you launch in to conversation.


  • Ask quality questions.


  • Reduce your control.


  • Develop children’s emotional vocabulary and help them recognise feelings, relationships and needs via stories and life experiences. Point out that it is all right to be frightened or upset.


  • Ask questions that sensitively challenge stereotypical thinking e.g. Can boys have long hair? Can girls be footballers?
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