Below are links to the curriculum coverage for each year group. It shows what will be covered in each subject area. Occasionally, teachers may decide to change the order in which the coverage takes place in order to best fit the topic. For any more information about the school curriculum please contact the school office. 


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The Curriculum is all the learning and experiences, formal and informal, which a school provides for pupils. Our aim is to give our pupils an education that is exciting and worthwhile, prepares them for life beyond school, and lays the foundations for lifelong learning. In meeting these aims Todwick Primary

School will follow the requirements of the New National Curriculum and our youngest children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Our curriculum will be provided through:

  • Classroom topics
  • Cross-curricular lessons
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Visitors to school
  • Visits to different localities
  • Visits to our local area
  • The values promoted by the school and its community
  • The context in which our pupils live, both locally, nationally, and globally


Teachers will link subjects wherever appropriate and relevant; the curriculum will not be constrained by subject boundaries, much of the work will be topic based, with an emphasis on learning English and maths skills. Pupils will practice and reinforce these skills in topic based work, whilst some subjects, which do not fit into the topic, will be taught discretely.


Throughout the year, particular subjects may have a whole school focus with events such as; Friendship week, Art week etc.


To support planning the curriculum teachers will use:


  • The New National Curriculum for all subjects.
  • SEAL and the Rotherham scheme of work for PHSE.
  • ‘Letters and Sounds’ to teach phonics.
  • Subject Policies and guidelines as agreed by the Governing Body of this school


In addition the curriculum is planned with these issues in mind:


  • Breadth, Balance and Relevance

- Learning experiences will need to be appropriate to the age, interests and abilities of the individuals and reflect the priorities as outlined in the School Development Plan.

 - Wherever possible children should be involved and have a say in what they would like to learn about

- Teachers will need to be innovative in providing as many “first hand”, real-life and concrete experiences as possible.


  • A Safe environment

- The school environment must provide a well designed, accessible stimulating, and safe place for all pupils; where personal, spiritual, social, and cultural development, together with a healthy lifestyle can flourish.

- Teachers must ensure that where there are any risks to pupils or adults there must be a comprehensive assessment put in place which is ratified and reviewed where appropriate by the Head teachers or senior managers.


  • Parental Involvement

- Parents are involved wherever possible in their child’s learning and informed about their child’s learning and progress. Learning experiences at home will be valued and built on.


  • Equal Access and opportunity

- All pupils, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or special needs, will be taught in such a way that no-one is disadvantaged by the context, material and methodology, language, relationships or attitudes expressed in the curriculum or learning process.



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